• Legacy Systems Modernisation.

    Natural & Adabas...

    Utilising Software AG's Adabas and Natural Application Modernisation Platform, your existing legacy applications will be modified to stay more relevant.

  • Social Media Listening and Analytics.

    Social Media Centre...

    Brand Reputation Monitoring through the lense of social media. Proactively manage potential crisis. A single tool to listen and analyse what is said about your brand across all social media platorms and blogs.

  • Real Time Remote Monitoring Solution.

    Remote Monitoring System...

    Monitor and manage your remote sites and assets in real time, get alarms on your mobile or e-mail when the norms changes and execute remedial action from anywhere.

  • Integrate Data, Systems, Processes and devices.

    Systems Integration...

    You can rely on our expertise and industry leading tools to seamlesly integrate your systems and realise value through improved and efficient business operations.

  • Partner with us for your Business & IT needs.

    IT Applications & Business Consulting...

    Through our client centred partnership approach, we will complete the missing puzzle of your IT landscape.

  • Become Energy Efficient and Save Costs.

    Energy Monitoring and Management...

    Solution for municipalities, large or small businesses and households to monitor, manage and control energy usage.

  • The Challenge of Digital Enterprise Journey.

    Digital Business Platform...

    Well executed digital enterprise assessment will drive your organisation into a transition of becoming a successful digital enterprise.

Enabling Business Agility
Our solutions will better place our customers to rapidly exploit business opportunities in today's fast changing competitive market place.

Innovation & Creativity
We approach every project with a flair of innovation and creativity to deliver unique products and solutions to our clients.
Diligent & Focused
We value our work and earnestly try to do everything the right way.


IT Applications & Business Consulting Utility Monitoring & Management Networks & Hardware Services
  • Enterprise BPM Solutions (Business Process Management)

  • Systems Integration (ESB)

  • GRC Management (iGRC)

  • Digital Business Platform

  • Applications Development & Maintenance

  • Social Media Monitoring & Analytics

  • Water Telemetry System (Monitoring and Management)

  • Electricity Monitoring and Management

  • Gas Monitoring

  • Diesel/Generator Monitoring & Management

  • Remote Monitoring Systems

  • Metering Solutions (Water & Electricity)

  • Access Control (Remote & Onsite)

  • Utility Billing & Invoice Reconciliation

  • Hardware Supply and Support (Business Process Management)

  • IT Security

  • LAN & Desktop Support

  • Server Set up & Configurations

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