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Who we are

Tsalano Business Solutions is 100% black owned and managed South African Based Company offering cutting edge Information Technology products and solutions across different sectors. Founded and managed by black professionals within the ICT Industry in 2000, Tsalano Business Solutions has matured and continuously invest in solutions that addresses technology challenges experienced by any form of business. Both founders and staff bring immense wealth of industry experience and exposure to the company.

Our strategic partnership with Software AG, a global leading company, allows Tsalano Business Solutions to expand its service offerings to areas such as Systems Integration, BPM, Governance, Risk and Compliance to mention few, it is an exciting and beneficial partnership for Tsalano as it affords us the opportunity to built robust solutions using Software AG tools to better service our clients.

Our Vision Statement:

Tsalano Business Solutions aspire to be recognised as providers of innovative and researched solutions also continuously improving existing solutions.

The company will support the job creation plans and contribute significantly to the economic growth of South Africa through offering of quality services to clients at more affordable values and by responding to community calls.

Our Values:

Diligent & Focused

We value our work and earnestly try to do everything the right way.

Innovative & Creative

We approach every project with flair of innovation and creativity to deliver a unique product.

Quality & Business Value

We are committed and passionate about providing the best quality services and solutions to our customers. Our solutions shall better place our clients to exploit new business opportunities in today's rapidly-changing competitive market place.