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The core offerings of our IT Applications & Business consulting include;

  • Enterprise BPM,
  • Systems Integration,
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance Management,
  • Digital Business Platform
  • IT Applications and Maintenance.
  • Tsalano Business Solutions has partnered with Software AG, a global leading company in business process technologies and Digital Enterprise services amongst their portfolio of services, both companies has has the experience, talent and tools to offer excellent services and products to our clients. The partnership further boost our ability to provide end to end solutions in Business Process Technology, Enterprise BPM, Systems Integration, Governance, Risk and Compliance Management solutions that meet customer specific requirements.

    Enterprise Business Process Management

    Processes are the heartbeat of every business function, whether your business processes are automated on non-automated, Our Enterprise Business Management will facilitate the transformation and progression of your business processes.
    With the BPM solution, companies will benefit from;

    • Standardised Business Processes
    • Improved bottlenecks around processes through better visibility
    • Processes that are easily measurable
    • Higher efficiency in governance of processes
    • Improved Business Agility
    • Reduced Costs and Improved Revenues
    • Compliance, Safety and Security
    Agility, high performance and above the cut competitiveness requires organization's core business processes that are driven with maximum efficiencies, we at Tsalano uses Business Process Management (BPM) and Process Re-engineering philosophies to help clients attain highest level of operational efficiencies. Utilising Software AG's technologies, We offer best practices with proven improvement methodologies such as Lean Management Lean Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints (TOC) and best practice industry process models and diagnostics to assess, analyse and improve existing processes as well as design of new business processes.

    We position process modeling and process-driven systems at the core of business process management (BPM) philosophy . Regardless of the challenges, both small and huge companies are looking forward to the benefits that BPM can deliver. Business process management helps organizations geared up for worldwide competition by helping leaders and organizations improve performance through a wide array of components, such as: analysis, proper design, careful observation and control as well as modification of business processes.

    Systems Integration

    Information systems have become crucial part of doing business in the current global economy. When managed strategically, information system can be an essential source of competitive advantage to any company.

    Information management has become a central part of conducting business activities. No company can thrive in the present competitive business environment without generating and utilizing crucial information for decision making or for any other reasons. For companies to succeed in their strategic decision-making depends largely on the effectiveness and efficiency of managing information.

    Unfortunately for most companies and organisations, such information is residing in silos, thus making it cumbersome for information to be rapidly collected and consolidated for strategic decisions.

    Tsalano Business Solutions has a team of experienced resources and tools (Software AG WebMethods) that helps customers in integrating systems using Webmethods ESB. Our team will help you achieve the integration of Data, Systems and Devices faster regardless of where they are. Utilising webMethods will provide some of the following benefits;

  • Connect stand-alone systems
  • Reduce efforts and cost of maintenance
  • Leverage big data
  • Enable enterprise mobile applications and devices
  • Ensure enterprise data quality
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

    Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) denotes to a company's coordinated strategy for managing the broad organisational issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management and compliance with regard to regulatory requirements. GRC is underpinned by three pillars, namely;

    Governance - The effective, ethical management of a company by its executives and managerial ranks.
    Risk - The capability to effectively mitigate risks that can hamper company's operations in a cost-effective manner.
    Compliance - Conformance with regulatory requirements for business operations, data retention and other business practices.

    GRC Solutions

    GRC business policies and software tools support companies to implement, monitor, manage and measure the effectiveness of their Governance, Risk and Compliance strategies.

    Software AG iGRC platform combines Business Process Analysis with Audit-proof workflows turning risk, compliance and business performance management into strategic management tool.

    It will assist companies and organisations to;
  • Meet internal and external legal requirements and standards with high confidence
  • Efficiently manage risks without losing sight of business performance
  • iGRC platform from Software AG assist customers to:

  • Integrate all regulatory demands and operational risks into single approach and internal control systems
  • Cut costs and increase efficiencies using workflow approach
  • Prove compliance easily (Portfolio of evidence and relevant supporting documentation can be produced in one click)
  • Provide management with real time dashboards for updates
  • Improve and boost investor relations and confidence
  • Digital Business Platform

    Digitisation has opened many ways companies can interact with their customer such as mobile devices, Text messages, phone calls, social platforms, internet browsing, e-commerce and other untapped mediums.
    Different devices such as smart phones, tablets, and connected devices offers endless opportunities to convey an experience based on the context. The need for consistent experiences across these digital mediums leads to opportunities and challenges in delivering a consistent, seamless and compelling user experience across channels.

    Digital business transformation is about identifying the opportunities that these digital mediums offer for goods or services in a well-coordinated manner. This enables the user to naturally progress from one stage to the next, whether that transition is between digital mediums, between home appliances, stores or between self-service terminals to call-centre services, without having to compromise on the experience at any stage of the transaction.

    Multi-channel - Often customers initiate transactions on the internet and move to complete them on their mobile devices, in such instances they still want a seamless experience throughout the transaction, therefore Companies need to transform their digital environments to enable multi-channel experiences.

    Service Driven Sales - Digital channels for sales such as e-commerce sites are what customers are getting accustomed to. This requires Integration between the digital frontend systems, customer support backend systems and e-commerce systems for service-driven sales experiences.

    Integrating customer experiences - For Banks, stores, or hotels as an scenario; interaction between consumer digital devices and employee digital devices present numerous opportunities for innovation. For example, bank customer can interact with a virtual customer care representative via a mobile app and the customer virtual representative can then offer a personalized client service with the customer or resolve any query, be it that the client want to open a bank account, apply for a new bank card or literally any kind of service request that can be concluded inside the branch can be concluded digitally.

    Through our partnership with Software AG we are able to provide an integrated set of Technologies and Tools to manage the Digital TRANSFORMATION and to implement new Business Designs.