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A revolution in social media monitoring and analysis

Social media has led to more robust and effective way of engaging and collecting relevant information. Businesses are now able to tap into public opinion and discover what people really think about them, their ideas and their products. Online conversation yields a level of honesty and transparency that the old regime of surveys and focus groups could never hope to match. With the power of social media monitoring and analytics tools at your fingertips, filtering, segmenting and manipulating entire collective sets of information is easier than the most wide-eyed idealist ever imagined. Brands of the world, untie.

From the era of simply posting sentries on your keywords, proceed forward towards the glorious next level of social media research. Imagine being able to segment automatically by mention-type: complaint, review, referral, buying signal or by author-type: customer, competitor, prospect, advocate or detractor.

Social media has also transformed the way we market our businesses. Many conversations are taking place through the social media platforms, valuable information is being shared every second as a result, social media is rich with insight about what consumers are saying about your brand, be good or bad. No matter what message you might be portraying about your products and services through different campaigns and advertisements, people will always have their own take on them, and it has been a growing trend that people will express those sentiments on social media.

The big question is, are you listening? Will you be able to respond to those comments and empower your PR team to respond accordingly and faster to negative sentiments that might damage your brand, or to listen and grab the opportunity to improve on your service?

Technology tools are available to help you keep listening on social media, harvesting and analysing information on social media has numerous benefits for any kind of business competing out there in the market, it can also be a great manner in which you can gain insight about your competitors and try to get a step ahead of them at all times. All this being said, need a well thought social media listening strategy.

Tsalano Business Solutions has the right tools to assist any form of business to take advantage and gain the insight of social media conversations, you need the right tools.

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The Social Media Data Management benefits:

  • Easily segment and analyse large crowds of data
  • Lighten your labor with customized automatic analysis
  • Understand what the people really think
  • Expand your universe with intelligent engagement
  • Precision targeting for hot prospects
  • Aggregate Social Media Data
  • Analyse and Compare Social Media Data
  • Conduct Real time Social Media Intelligence
  • Enhance Current Marketing Efforts with Social Media Tools
  • Improve Your Efforts by Monitoring Hashtags
  • Demonstrate Your Customer Service Skills
  • Find Influencers to Help You Reach a Larger Audience
  • Improve Your Marketing Strategy Content
  • Conduct research on your competitors